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This projects intends to show features in Unity and different ways of working with it.
A couple of thing to know before starting is how the project is structured. The launching point for this project is UnityDemo.ConsolePresenter which has the Program files. To make it more relatable i've used the Duck analogy from HeadFirst deisgn pattern but in my own way. Solution has a Common and a Unity code Library folder where all the samples lie. Feature's are mostly broken down as assemblies . It's best to start with
UnityDemo.RegAndResCode project but after that you can go through any feature you like. For convenience sake I have a dictionary or Features and within it a dictionary of Samples. All you have to do is change the index number to go directly to the code class. A detailed explanation about each feature can be found here

Features sampled uptill now are :
  1. Regitsering types
  2. Resolving Types
  3. ResolveAll
  4. DependencyAttribute
  5. LifeTime manager
    1. Transient
    2. ExternalControlled
    3. ContainerControlled
    4. PerThreadControlled
    5. HierarchicalLifetimeManager
  6. Injcetion constructor
  7. AutomaticFactory
  8. Interception
  9. Confuration File
    1. Adding Intellisense Support
    2. Relating Interface and classes in config files

Please feel free to suggest or add more samples .

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